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Philander Keep Roots ("P.K." )
(June 4, 1838 at Willington, CT - Oct. 16, 1921)

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Ancestors of Philander Keep Roots

Descendants of Benajah Guernsey Roots (P.K.'s father)

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Transcribed Journals:  The first four contain much information about the New Orleans and Ohio Railroad.  Journal #5 takes place where P.K. was mining in near Etna, Nevada.  The 6th takes place in Little Rock, AR, and has little text, but lots of maps and appendices.


pkroot3.jpg (46637 bytes)
Historic landmark of the NO&O Railroad as it stands today

In 1870, P.K. was living in Humboldt City, NV. After that he lived in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, from 1873-1880; from 1880 he lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he helped found Ft. Logan Roots. 

 (including maps, electoral outcomes, largest cities in the world, etc.)


Link to a map of New Orleans and Ohio Railroad that P. K. Roots helped to build.

Historical chronology of the 1800s


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